For those who love building, architecture or structures or for those interested in a good game of top-level strategy, this time we offer the opportunity to download Bridge Architect a set of buildings that will surely be very tempting. It has been launched by the company Allegra Giovanni and the main objective of the game is the creation of structures capable of supporting the weight of the cars. For that reason, if you are interested in downloading Bridge Architect instantly, it is only a matter of clicking on the link that is located at the end of the current note.

Bridge Architect for Windows Phone

As we have mentioned, the goal of Bridge Architect is to build resistant structures, capable of supporting vehicles that cross them. It is worth mentioning that you have a fixed amount of construction elements to assemble and test the bridge until the vehicles arrive at their destination. You can also use the Voltage option to activate load visualization directly on specific points of the bridge: a bright red indicates high voltage levels while gray or white indicates low voltage. Activate this option to reduce stress to a minimum and build a successful bridge. This game features easy-to-use drawing interface, realistic physics engine and custom drawing colors.

Bridge Architect is available in mobile devices that have a Windows 8 Mobile operating system, or with later versions.

Download Bridge Architect

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