The police and thieves is already a classic in humanity, it can also be reflected in series, movies and video games. This time we will discuss the opportunity to download Commando War, an application that was launched to the market by the company TerabytesGames and that combines the categories of Action and adventure and Fight. In this game what you will have to do is help a criminal escape from the police, you will have to perform several maneuvers to free yourself from the officers who are very angry. To install Commando War for free, you only have to click on the download link that is at the end of the note.

Commando War for Windows Phone

A criminal is trying to escape from the police, and what you will have to do is help him while fighting against angry officers. With two characters to choose from, 12 levels and 3 different environments, Commando War is a game aimed at monetization that will keep users entertained for a long time. Test your skills against the expert cops, and do not forget that your mission is to stop them. The game becomes increasingly difficult because the farther you go, the more enemies you will have to fight. Command warfare requires skills, strategy and speed.

Commando War is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 10 operating system or later versions.

Download Commando War

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