There are games that have their times of sensation and popularity and it happens that they are played by millions of people around the world and to tell the truth, it is not necessary that they have amazing graphics, much less. On this occasion we will present a clear example, offering the possibility of downloading Among us, a great Action video game that was launched by the company Innersloth LLC. In this story, whether it is online or with local WiFi with 4-10 players, what you will have to do is prepare your spaceship for departure and while you try you must be careful, since one will be an imposter determined to kill everybody. It has a very simple gameplay, a first-rate theme, captivating, addictive and entertaining, and simple graphics. To install Among us just click on the attached link that is located at the end of this review.

Among us for Windows Phone

The story of this game has in the center of the scene a group of players who are on board a spaceship, each of them fulfilling one of two roles. Most are fellow travelers, yet one is an imposter. The group’s goal is to identify the impostors and remove them from the ship while maintaining its functions. For their part, the aim of the impostors is to finish off the crew without being identified.

Download Among us

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