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One of the ways to feed the mind is through reading and it is true that in the age of technology you do not tend to read as in other times. However, a book is always there for whoever wants it, and of course they are adapting to modern times. For this reason, this time we will talk to you about the chance to download Audiobook Player an application specialized in classic works in the public domain and contemporary works authorized for non-profit dissemination, where you can read or enjoy different audiobooks as another form of entertainment. To install Audiobook Player you only need to click on the download link that is located at the end of the note, but before you do not stop reading the following paragraph to obtain a little more information about it.

Audiobook Player for Windows Phone

This application is optimized to listen to audiobooks in parallel, so you can change or switch from one to another quickly and easily without losing your current position. Vale mentions that the fact that an audiobook is made up of many Mp3-files does not represent a problem. That is a magnificent setting for this App. Through the-Sync function you can automatically synchronize your listening positions with your other Windows 10 computers.

Audiobook Player is available on mobile devices with Windows Phone 8.1 operating system or later versions.

Download Audiobook Player

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