Today we will talk about an app that is the largest and constantly updated space of the Illustrated Encyclopedia. It is here that every day, astrophysicists tell interesting facts and events from the life of the Universe in accessible language. In this opportunity we will mention the possibility of downloading Cosmogony, an application that was launched on the market by the Digitaware company and that is part of the Books and references section. This app has more than 7,500 articles. This is the total volume of the material since the founding of the project, which has lasted about twenty years. Navigation between related articles will allow you to dive deeper into the phenomenon described. Detailed photos will allow you to take a closer look. To install Cosmogony you only need to click on the download link that is located at the end of this article.

Cosmogony for Windows Phone

For 20 years, the United States space agency (NASA) has been publishing an astronomical image with a detailed description of an event or phenomenon represented by day. You will be able to find more detailed images of the planets of the Solar System and their natural satellites, taken by spaceships while they carried out their tasks. For example, not long ago the messenger completed its mission on Mercury, and as a result we can see detailed images of the planet’s surface with its hills, lowlands, and magnetic anomalies.

Cosmogony is available on mobile devices that have the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system or later versions.

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