Surely you’ve seen the movie Forest Gump, which was a resounding success in the history of cinema and to this day is still found on television. This time we offer the possibility to download Forest Run 3D Free a game that combines the categories of Action and Avetura. This application contains several hours of entertainment to make the most of your mobile device from where you are, as its theme focuses on running, running and running, in addition to avoiding the obstacles that arise along the way. If you are interested in downloading Forest Run 3D Free you just need to continue reading the note and then click on the link that appears at the end, but before you can find more information about the game.

Forest Run 3D Free for Windows Phone

This game will test your running skills in a first person perspective. Avoid obstacles by tilting your device and move to slide or jump. Do not hit the trees! Collecting coins you can buy improvements that will improve your career experience and help you achieve a new score! Can you get to the top 10? This issue offers a first person perspective, 3D graphics, five levels, achievements, objectives, articles and powerups and leaderboards. If you like running games, do not waste any more time and join now.

Forest Run 3D Free is available on mobile devices that have a Windows 8 Mobile operating system or with later versions.

Download Forest Run 3D Free

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