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In the previous post we have offered you the chance to enjoy Kingdom Tales, a great strategy game. Having said that, on this occasion we will comment on the possibility of downloading Kingdom Tales 2 HD, the second part of the saga but this time it is launched by the company G5 Entertainment AB. To install Kingdom Tales 2 HD simply, quickly and without spending money you just have to click on the download link.


Kingdom Tales 2 HD for Windows Phone

In this game, Dahla, the only daughter of the equanimous King Arnor, was popular throughout the kingdom: the dawn paled before its beauty, and its wisdom rivaled that of the Druids. Nobles of many kingdoms begged the king to grant them the hand of his daughter, but no one was good enough, since his heart already belonged to a skilled blacksmith named Finn. When his secret love was discovered, the king became enraged and proclaimed that only the man who proved more valuable in the expansion of the kingdom would obtain the hand of Dahla. You will have to join Finn’s journey to make the best contribution to the expansion of King Arnor’s great kingdom with the help of real builders and architects. Explore, collect, produce, exchange, build, repair and make people happy in this noble mission. But beware, the greedy Count Ohli and his spies never sleep.

Kingdom Tales 2 HD is available on devices with Windows Phone 8.1 system or later versions.

Download Kingdom Tales 2 HD

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