Going out for a drink or eating something is always welcome when the situation warrants and in these times, finding a place to do it has never been so easy and so much fun. Is that today, we will present the opportunity to download Random Place App, an application that was launched on the market by the company Blue Igloo IT and belongs to the section of Bars and restaurants. This app is a fun way to find a randomly chosen place to dine or have a drink in your local area. All you need to do is indicate how far from your current location you are willing to travel and what kind of place you are looking for. To install Random Place App you just have to click on the download link that is located at the end of this note, but before you do not stop reading the following paragraph.

Random Place App for Windows Phone

This title is responsible for downloading a selection of places based on your preferences and what you will have to do is select one at random. It is known that not every random suggestion will be a winner, so you will have the option of throwing the suggestion in the trash and showing another place at random. Once you find something that looks good you can then display a map showing the location of the headquarters.

Random Place App is available on mobile devices that have Windows 8 Mobile operating system or also with later versions.

Download Random Place App

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