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You wake up in a room you don’t know, in full darkness. The awkward silence, and even hurts you. It is impossible to remember how you got there. Today we will tell you about a game that has very particular characteristics, both in its dynamics as well as its playability. This is about the opportunity to download Shining Hotel – Lost in Nowhere, which has been launched in the video game market by the company Teen Games LLC belonging to the Strategy category. One of the many missions will be, nothing more or nothing less than to face your forgotten fears. To install Shining Hotel – Lost in Nowhere quickly, easily and free of charge, just click on the download link located at the end of the note. Shining Hotel: Lost in Nowhere.

Shining Hotel – Lost in Nowhere for Windows Phone

Nowhere is a psychedelic horror game in the first person, and a chilling story full of sadness and despair. Face your seemingly forgotten fears while exploring the mysterious hotel. You must discover what you are destined to find in these black corridors: a path to salvation or a horrible death. You hear the silence that has been broken only by the silent static noise coming from the TV speakers. Written on the walls. The feeling of being observed. You can hear someone’s voice through that static noise. Or is it just your imagination?

Shining Hotel – Lost in Nowhere is available on mobile devices that have Windows Phone 10 operating system or later versions.

Download Shining Hotel – Lost in Nowhere

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