If you like to draw and create new figures, don’t stop reading this post because it is definitely one of those applications that cannot be missing from your device. Is that today we will mention the possibility of downloading Sketch Board, an application that is presented by Yu-weiz and that belongs to the Productivity category. This app gives you the efficient tool to draw anything that crosses your mind. This title has support layers, background opacity, moving drawing toolbar, pin to start and two drawing modes: writing mode and painting mode. To install Sketch Board, you just have to click on the download link found in the following paragraph.

Sketch Board for Windows Phone

Sketch Board is an efficient tool, which allows you to draw anything. Drawing lines follow the real world, they provide a way to see the world. It also offers two creation modes: Writing mode Vs Painting mode, so writing is faster and Paint is more colorful. The app also grants an image viewer and a video player, which provides many gesture supports and allows you to edit the image or snapshot quickly.

For what is stated in these lines, do not forget to install Sketch Board on mobile devices that have Windows 8 Mobile operating system or also with higher versions.

Download Sketch Board

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