Download 3D Math – Simulator

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If the numbers, the formulas and the mathematics are your thing, do not stop reading these lines because the proposal that we have for you will be somewhat interesting. Today we will mention the chance to download 3D Math – Simulator, a copy that was released to the market by the company Big Mind Games 9000. In this game, formulas are combined on a separate desktop, and you should try to include the maximum number of formulas, including some rare and unusual tricks. You supplement each formula with a special breakdown to help understand how these formulas were derived and there are also tables and one of the things is that the table formulas need to be entered manually, each operator, separately. To install 3D Math – Simulator just click on the download link at the end of the note.

3D Math – Simulator for Windows Phone

In this game you can also enjoy special dynamic training mini-games that are placed on several tables to the right. Each game has a wide range of difficulty levels. To systematize the training exercises, you must mix the tasks separately and add them to the Challenge mode. Challenge mode includes over 200 task lists, each of which includes three or five tasks, with increasing difficulty level. Which means you will have more than 1500 minutes of mental training.

3D Math – Simulator is available on mobile devices that have Windows Phone 10 operating system or later versions.

Download 3D Math – Simulator

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