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The category of puzzles is always a good option when choosing a video game for mobile devices, is that these copies provides a guaranteed entertainment, also allows you to test your mental skills, ingenuity and reaction. In this opportunity, we offer you the chance to download Amazing Breakout Game, which was launched by the developer company Trapped in which you can evaluate your ability to solve different riddles that are very complicated but not impossible. This game has generated a lot of downloads in the Microsoft store in addition to an excellent acceptance by users. If you are interested in installing Amazing Breakout Game instantaneously, we recommend that you do not stop reading the note and then click on the download link that is located at the end of this publication.


Amazing Breakout Game for Windows Phone

Locked in a museum, you’d better get away before you become an exhibition yourself. You have decided that tonight is a good time to visit a museum. Being the only visitor in a huge building is really great, but it is likely that a guard will forget that you are inside. You have to check the doors, but they are blocked. Now you must escape from the museum, unlocking every room that presents the history of humanity from the darkest times to the present day. Solve the riddles, break the codes, and escape.

Amazing Breakout Game is available on devices with Windows Phone 8.1 or later versions.

Download Amazing Breakout Game

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