Today we will talk about one of the latest paid games that has been launched in the Microsoft store. This is the opportunity to download Back to Bed, a great copy that has been launched on the market by the company Bedtime Digital Games aps and belongs to the Puzzle category. It is a game that has a good plot, which is set in an exclusive world of dreams where you will have to accompany Bob, excellent graphics and also guarantees entertainment and fun for long hours. What you will have to do is help him get back to his bed. To install Back to Bed easily and quickly, just click on the download link, but if you want more details about this game do not hesitate to continue reading the note.

A strange harbour

Back to Bed for Windows Phone

As we have advanced, this is a 3D game set in an exclusive and artistic world of dreams through which you have to help Bob, the sleepwalker, to return safely to his bed. To achieve this, you must guide Bob’s subconscious called Subob. Both travel through a world of surreal dreams, formed by drawings and full of objects that are used to guide Bob towards the bed avoiding all the obstacles and dangers that arise.

Back to Bed is available on mobile devices that have Windows Phone 8.1 operating system or later versions.

Download Back to Bed

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