We continue to offer you the best games and applications so that you can enjoy your moments of leisure and recreation, or simply when you think necessary. It is that many times it is necessary to escape from the routine or responsibilities for a few minutes and what better than to do it with a game for your mobile device? For this reason, this time we offer you the chance to download Bow Man a copy presented by the company ReGame Studio and that will surely be very attractive to you. With this application you can test your skills as an archer trying to hit the target with an arrow. If you are interested in installing Bow Man be sure to read these lines to inform yourself in depth about the details, once done and if it convinces you, you will only have to click on the download link that is located at the end.

Bow Man for Windows Phone

Bow Man is a skill game, where you will have the possibility to practice your archery skills, or try to kill your friend in a 1 Vs1 game. It is especially fun for two friends playing as the variety of wind and distance adds additional difficulty. This game has three modes: VS Mode that you can play with your friend or against the computer, Bird Hunting Mode which is a lot of fun and Online VS Mode is out.

Bow Man is available on mobile devices with Windows 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

Download Bow Man

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