Cooking is one of the most rewarding activities for some people, since it is possible to indulge your taste or if it is for other people is one of the ways to show affection and affection. For that reason, in this opportunity, we offer you the chance to download Burger a cooking game that specializes in hamburgers that was launched by the company Magma Mobile and that has generated a lot of downloads in the store, because it has great features. If you are interested in downloading Burger it is only necessary to continue reading the current article and then click on the link that is located at the end.

Burger for Windows Phone

Burger is one of the most popular games when it comes to hamburger cooking. Here you are hired in a chain restaurant to serve customers as quickly as possible and thus earn money and tips. What you will have to do is take the orders of your customers and prepare the recipes by choosing from numerous foods such as snacks, garnishes, desserts and sodas. You can accept the challenge and try the Career Mode to face a higher difficulty every day of the year. You can also work from Monday to Saturday and reach your goal in order to get more money and new ingredients at the time of service.

Burger is available in mobile devices that have a Windows 8 Mobile operating system or with later versions.

Download Burger

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