We continue to offer the best and games and applications for all ages and tastes. This time, we offer you the opportunity to download Cute Pocket Cat 3D – Part 2 a game that belongs to the category of Simulation and is designed for the youngest of the family, launched by the company VARDAmir’s Game Studio and that has Generated a lots of downloads in the Microsoft store. This game will help you teach or because it is not learned also in boys and girls, at any time of the day. Click on the link that appears.

Cute Pocket Cat 3D – Part 2 for Windows Phone

In Cute Pocket Cat 3D – Part 2 you can get a sweet kitten, which you should name and feed; You must play with him and take care of him. If you do not pay enough attention to your pet, he will not run away, but he will be very sad. The kitten is not sent in one place, it will be constantly moving, like a real one. This kitten will run in a toy, which you will throw. In addition, you can play minigames, participate in competitions or fight in the OnLine Arena. Visit a cat store to buy beds for your cat, cat toys, cat clothes, cat hats or change the wallpaper of the house.

Cute Pocket Cat 3D – Part 2 is available on mobile devices with Windows 8 Mobile operating system or with later versions.

Download Cute Pocket Cat 3D – Part 2

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