If you like drums, beyond guitars and basses, do not forget to read this note because it will surely be very interesting for you. In this opportunity we will discuss the possibility of downloading Drum for Kids an application that was launched to the market by the company PsV studio and that has generated a lot of downloads and acceptance by users, especially by children. With this game, you will have the opportunity to take the drums and cymbals wherever you go. To install Drum for Kids in a simple, instantaneous and free way, you just have to click on the download link that is at the end of the note.

Drum for Kids for Windows Phone

Tambor Niños is a fun musical training game for children. With that children develop a good ear for music. This app has ten songs that you can play ten instruments and sounds of ten different animals of music. In addition to having a karaoke mode, it has musical instruments such as guitar, piano, trumpet, and others. Pets and wild animals: birds, cow, dog, cat, chicken, tiger and others. This application is interesting because the music develops the child’s capacity and makes his life more fun and interesting.

Drum for Kids is available on mobile devices that have a Windows 8 Mobile operating system or with later versions.

Download Drum for Kids

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