Action and adventure and the category of puzzles and hidden objects, is all that is needed for a game to be great. Such is the case, that today we will comment on the chance to download Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor, a copy that has been released to the market by the company Artefix Mundi and has some first class features to have fun and entertain for long hours with the anthropologist, Pamela Cavendish. To install Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor in a simple and fast way, you will only have to click on the download link.


Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor for Windows Phone

In this game, after solving the case of Minotaur and the secret of the Nordic gods, Pamela Cavendish, the world-famous anthropologist, travels to her niece’s birthday in the north of Scotland. The joyful ceremony becomes an exciting adventure, after the girl is kidnapped by a banshee from the other world. Nora’s life is at stake and the Red Moon is on the rise. The pools lead Pamela to a haunted house, guarded by even more terrifying monsters. What you will have to do is travel through the captivating landscapes of Scotland until you reach Kirkwall and discover the legend that torments the locals.

Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 8 operating system or later versions.

Download Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor

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