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For those who love classic puzzle games, we will tell you about a post that will surely be very interesting for you. Today we will discuss the opportunity to download FlipSomeTiles a game that was released by the company Loon Apps and that has received great reviews from users who have played. It is ideal to combat boredom and enjoy it wherever you are, by the way, it has many levels to keep you entertained. To install FlipSomeTiles quickly, you just have to click on the download link at the end of the note.

FlipSomeTiles for Windows Phone

FlipSomeTiles is an original and addictive tactile puzzle game whose objective is simple: trace a path from the initial mosaic to the end, turning the tiles into gold in the process. This game has 40 levels of play in the test and 140 levels of play with the paid version. Again, the game is simple, start plotting tiles with the “start” tile and progress to the “end” tile. When you trace on a white mosaic, it turns golden and you cannot trace on that mosaic again. The trace has to be continuous and if you make a wrong move or lift your finger, that level fails. There are special tokens that appear as you progress through the levels that allow you to retrace your path.

FlipSomeTiles is available on mobile devices with Windows 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

Download FlipSomeTiles

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