There are people who are lovers of nature and exotic places that are not very crowded. If you are part of those people, you will surely like the game that we will discuss below, since it focuses its theme on the jungle. Today we will talk about the chance to download Jungle Adventure, a copy that brought by the Third Soul company and that belongs to the genre of Strategy. This story has as central characters Tom and Jane are lovers, they have a hobby in common: exploring in the jungle, that’s why they spend their savings and buy a jeep, where there is a jungle, there is their jeep. To install Jungle Adventure you only need to click on the download link.

Jungle Adventure for Windows Phone

One day it was said that in a nearby jungle, a treasure was hidden in it for years and nobody knows where this treasure is. The one who finds the treasure first would be the owner of it, but the problem is that it is very dangerous to look for treasures in this jungle since many boys went there and never returned. But for Tom and Jane, this doesn’t mean anything to them. They start the treasure hunting journey and now we are going to help them find the treasure, but watch out for the monsters in the forest.

Jungle Adventure is available on mobile devices that have Windows 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

Download Jungle Adventure

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