Karate is a discipline that not only strengthens the physical part of the body but also the mental part, and if you have ever practiced it you will know how it works in people. In the event that you have never trained him, this is an excellent opportunity for you to do so. It is that today we will mention the possibility of downloading Learn Karate, an app that belongs to the Sports category and that was launched on the market by the company FreeAppsLaborator. If you want to learn the martial art of Karate, this app is what you were looking for, it will allow you to learn the sport of Karate, it is ideal for beginners and advanced levels. You can also find all the katas, from white belt to black. Going through yellow, orange, green, blue and brown. To install Learn Karate you just have to click on the download link that is located at the end of this note.

Learn Karate for Windows Phone

With this application you can find Katas of the different schools, Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Wado-ryu, techniques for beginners such as kicks and punches, blocks and sweeps. Of course, you can also learn everything you need thanks to the video tutorials and it is suitable for all levels. Katate is a martial art and a sport that will help you find a perfect balance between body and mind.

Learn Karate is available on mobile devices that have the Windows 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

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