Download Lost Lands: Ice Spell (free to play)

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It is the company FIVE-BN STUDIO that is in charge of presenting a great puzzle game for you to enjoy through your device. It’s about the chance to download Lost Lands: Ice Spell (free to play), a copy whose theme has Susan as the main character and is again immersed in serious problems of epic proportions. Our main heroine faces a weather catastrophe, mythical creatures and ancestral legends. It is also worth highlighting the great graphics and dynamic and agile gameplay it offers. To install Lost Lands: Ice Spell (free to play) simply and quickly, you only need to click on the download link, but if you want to get more information about the game you can find it in the following paragraph.

Lost Lands: Ice Spell (free to play) for Windows Phone

The cold has reached Lost Lands in the middle of summer. The inhabitants take refuge inside their homes, trying to heat them. Life is freezing, flowers have disappeared, crops have been lost and birds flee. The elders say that the spirit of the Frost Mountains has awakened, but no one expects the motive to be buried in the ancient history of Lost Lands, when the world was young. And yet an ancient force has been awakened by someone from our world.

Lost Lands: Ice Spell (free to play) is available on mobile devices that have Windows Phone 10 operating system or later versions.

Download Lost Lands: Ice Spell (free to play)

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