Are you ready to fulfill the role of a police officer and pursue the most dangerous criminals? This time we will tell you about the chance to download Miami Police Chase Criminals, a copy where you must use your police bicycle for the definitive pursuit of the criminal prosecution of criminals in Miami. Gangsters and thugs from San Andreas and Miami roam the crime city freely and police cars don’t chase them, it’s time to start your police bike and hunt down fleeing criminals and take down terrorists creating panic and havoc in the city in this real bike police chase game. To install Miami Police Chase Criminals you only need to click on the download link at the end of the note.

Miami Police Chase Criminals for Windows Phone

You could be a Miami police officer and end criminals on city streets. Don’t let criminal racers and cyclists escape your sight, grab the criminal chasing cops on your bike and start chasing them. Don’t stop jumping behind the heavy artillery-laden police motorbike, make sure to escape from criminals in this Miami police chase, avoid obstacles around city roads and highways like trucks, buses, flying cars, be vigilant to incoming traffic from both sides of the streets.

Miami Police Chase Criminals is available on mobile devices running Windows 8 Mobile or later versions.

Download Miami Police Chase Criminals

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