We offer another great adventure game and hidden objects for you to have fun and entertain at any time of the day. On this occasion we offer you the chance to download Mysteries of Time 2: The Thousand Specters, a copy that has been released by the company Artefix Mundi and that, like all the games developed by this company, have some very interesting features. To install Mysteries of time 2: The thousand-year spectra, you only have to click on the download link.


Misterios del tiempo 2: Los espectros milenarios for Windows Phone

The game has its context in the year 1830, where a young maid has received a letter that will change her life forever. His aunt’s message tells Esther that her parents, whom she never knew, have left her an inheritance; a mansion in London. But when it comes to it, it turns out that the residence is abandoned, destroyed and enchanted. When he explores the mansion, discovering little by little the secrets of his family, he finds out that for centuries the members of his family have been investigating the phenomenon of time travel. Soon Esther finds a strange object that confirms the extraordinary legacy of the Ambrose family. This is how her fascinating journey begins, which will take her to places and times that she could only have seen in her dreams before.

Mysteries of time 2: The millennial spectra is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 8.1 operating system or later versions.

Download Misterios del tiempo 2: Los espectros milenarios

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