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How about the idea of ​​having a mirror on your own phone? It is known that many people use their devices to see how they are, but sometimes it is difficult, the truth is that on this day we will provide an application that can be very useful. In this installment we will mention the chance to download My Mirror, an app that is part of the Health and wellness section and is completely free. It is worth mentioning that you must be sure you have the latest version of Windows to obtain the best performance and that Kinect is required for the Xbox One version. To install My Mirror you just have to click on the download link at the end of this article, but first be sure to read the following paragraph to find a little more information.

My Mirror for Windows Phone

As we have mentioned, on many occasions the need arises to see ourselves through the camera of our phone and confirm how we are. And either physically or to fix our hair, but each of these times we have to face unnecessary icons to take pictures, which obscure the field of vision. Until now, because with My Mirror, you will have the opportunity to see yourself in full screen, without unnecessary obstacles in the way to have a fantastic look.

My Mirror is available on mobile devices that have Windows Phone 10 operating system or also with later versions.

Download My Mirror

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