Millions of people are curious what NASA really does. Yes, in countless opportunities they have explained what they work on, but for many people they go a little further. UFOs, paranormal phenomena and secret events are some of the situations that are clothed in conspiracies. That is why this time we will talk about the chance to download NASA On The Station, an app that was launched by Gabriel Caldwell and is part of the News and Weather category. With this application you can fulfill the role of a real tourist at NASA. It is completely free and easy to access so that no one is left out of the experience. To install NASA On The Station you will only have to click on the download link that is attached to the end of this article, but before you do not forget to read the following paragraph for more information.

NASA On The Station for Windows Phone

As we have mentioned, this application invites you to be a virtual tourist on the International Space Station. With a lockscreen integration, the International Space Station is a unique place, a true convergence of science, technology and human innovation that demonstrates new technologies and makes advances that are not possible on Earth in research.

NASA On The Station is available on mobile devices that have the Windows 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

Download NASA On The Station

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