Witty, flashy, exuberant, it would be some of the adjectives to qualify the next game. This is the possibility of downloading Pedal Balance a copy that belongs to the category of puzzles and has been released to the market by the company MOONG LABS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. In addition to this genre, has nuances of racing to have fun and entertain for long hours from your mobile device. In itself, it’s a strange game that you probably have not played before, but this is an excellent option to break with conventional video games and immerse yourself in another world. To install Balance Pedal directly and without spending a penny just have to click on the download link that is located at the end of the note.

Pedal Balance for Windows Phone

Balance Pedal is a 3D puzzle game based on addictive physics that is easy to play, but difficult to master. The game is set up in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, where crossing channels is part of the daily routine. The objective of the game is to help the cyclist to cross from one side of the channel to the other unlocking the obstacles and creating a smooth path for the cyclist. You must choose your movements wisely, since each stone block that is removed from the bridge can have consequences on the destiny of the cyclist and his bicycle.

Pedal Balance is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

Download Pedal Balance

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