Today more and more people are concerned about having physical activity and having a healthier life in this way. That is why there are more and more applications that give routines of different trainings in order to make things easier for users when it comes to exercising. In this case we will present a fantastic application that will be very attractive and very useful especially to those who perform activities such as running, cycling, hiking or other such style.

Runtastic Pro Screenshots

Runtastic PRO for Windows Phone

We are talking about the possibility of downloading Runtastic PRO, simply and instantaneously. Runtastic PRO will give you many benefits, such as data on time and distance when running, saving on your equipment the roads they run, real-time training maps with integrated GPS and tracking their progress, among others. It should also be noted that they will have a voice trainer (audio feedback that they can customize as they want), and the app will give you graphs with very relevant data such as your elevation, pace, speed and heart rate.

For all these reasons, you can not miss this great opportunity to download Runtastic PRO 3.4 for Windows Phone and take it with you when you go running to enjoy its great design and its great functions.

Download Runtastic PRO

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