Download Sola en la oscuridad: Nadie a bordo

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After some postings we again offer another great game that was released by the famous company Artefix Mundi. It is about the chance to download Sola in the dark: Nobody on board that belongs to the category of Action and Adventure and that has had a good reception by users who have already played. This issue tells the story of the detective in which he asked the mayor to embark on a ship that was lost at sea years ago and has reappeared without signs of life of his crew. If you are interested in installing Sola in the dark: Nobody on board should only click on the download link.

Sola en la oscuridad: Nadie a bordo for Windows Phone

The detective has no idea what happened to the boat, even after examining all the clues, she knows that in this case there is much more hidden apart from what the mayor has confessed. The press is burning with rumors of a curse. And after meeting a hooded figure with a hook in her hand on an abandoned bench, she begins to believe it too. The detective is a very skeptical woman, she does not believe in ghost stories or fables. But this case is not like the previous ones. What connects the disappearance of the ship with Devil’s Island and the unsolved murder of a local family?

Alone in the dark: No one on board is available on devices with Windows Phone 8.1 or later versions.

Download Sola en la oscuridad: Nadie a bordo

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