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The company Artefix Mundi has accustomed its users to a wide variety of games that focus on mysteries, hidden objects, among other things. In this opportunity we will comment on the chance to download The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan, a copy that was released a while ago and belongs to the category of puzzles and curiosities. Its context occurs in 1920 after a member of the secret agency Myth Seekers disappears and from there a great adventure begins. To install The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan you will only have to click on the download link that is located at the end of the note.

DownloadTheMythSeekers1The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan for Windows Phone

You will fulfill the role of Amelia, a brilliant expert in Roman mythology and a new asset of the agency Myth Seekers. His task is to continue the investigation of an operative companion who recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The first thing you should do is locate the Codex Vesuvian and get in touch with an Italian agent named Lorenzo. Together they will need to trace the powerful artifact called Vulcan’s Hammer. Time is essential since evil forces are also looking for the relic. During this impressive adventure, you will travel through Italy, solve countless riddles and search for clues in hidden object scenes.

The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

Download The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan

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