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The category of puzzles is one of the most required by users, since it offers the ability to test your mental ability and ingenuity, to solve different issues that get in the way of the game. In this opportunity, we will comment on the possibility of downloading Think, a copy of puzzles that was launched some time ago by the June Software company, harvesting up to now, a great amount of downloads, added to a considerable acceptance on the part of the users who have already played it. If you are interested in installing Think in a simple way and without any expense, we recommend that you do not stop reading these lines to inform you in depth about the details of the game.


Think for Windows Phone

A beautifully designed minimalist visual puzzle game designed for the Pure Windows Phone experience. With more than 360 riddles distributed in 30 chapters, this game will surely catch you. Better to play it with friends and family together. You will rediscover the pleasure and joy of solving riddles together, huddled on a small screen for hours together with hypnotic music. At first, human beings communicated only by using symbols. The language complicates things. Suddenly, there were many words to describe the same idea.

Think is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 8 operating system or later versions.

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