As we always mentioned, puzzle games are essential for those people who tend to have fun and go out with their mobile device. For this reason, on this occasion, we will discuss the opportunity to download Enigma V +, a game that has been released to the market by ZingMagic Limited. Its dynamics and gameplay have positioned it as one of the best and most particular in terms of its theme, since the objective of the puzzle game is to discover a hidden sequence of tiles in the least possible number of turns. If you are interested in installing Enigma V +, you just have to click on the download link that is at the end of the note.

The game begins with the creation of a hidden sequence of chips by the computer. The number of tiles in the sequence, the total number of tiles that can be used, and whether the sequence contains duplicate tiles is determined by the level of difficulty. The hidden sequence is discovered by making a series of assumptions about its content. When making each assumption, it is checked with the hidden sequence and clues are given about its accuracy. Each level of difficulty has a limit number of assumptions. If the hidden sequence is discovered within the set time, the game is won.

Enigma V + is available on mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 10 operating system or with later versions.

Download Enigma V+

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