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In today’s publication we will introduce ourselves to the area of ​​Medicine to comment on an application that can be very interesting, mainly for those families who breastfeed. What is it about? Well, this time we will mention the possibility of downloading Guide to Breastfeeding, an application that is presented by Rose Le Blanc. In this application, Dr. Jack Newman and Rose Le Blanc have designed a clear and concise resource guide for breastfeeding families and lactation consultants, physicians, nurses, and midwives who support breastfeeding families. To install Guide to Breastfeeding, you just have to click on the download link that is located at the end of this article, but beforehand, do not stop reading the following paragraph to get more information.

Guide to Breastfeeding for Windows Phone

The information provided in this title is evidence-based covers establishing breastfeeding with newborns, placing the baby on the breast, administering breastfeeding (how to breastfeed), breastfeeding with a description of eight different positions, expressing milk and solve a series of breastfeeding problems. On the other hand, myths about breastfeeding are debunked and information is provided on how to take medication when breastfeeding. It is worth mentioning that you can also find useful images and videos throughout this application.

Guide to Breastfeeding is available on mobile devices that have Windows 8 Mobile operating system or later versions.

Download Guide to Breastfeeding

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