This time, the company Rainbow Games is responsible for presenting another great game of action and adventures for you to enjoy in your spare time. This is the possibility of downloading Rush for gold: California, a great game that was launched on the market and since its launch to this part has accumulated a considerable amount of downloads and excellent reviews by experts in the field. It has a very fun theme and a first level dynamic. To install Rush for gold: California in a simple and instantaneous way, you only have to click on the download link that is at the end of the note, but first we recommend that you do not stop reading the following paragraph to get inside the details.

DownloadRUSHFORGOLD1Rush for gold: California for Windows Phone

In this game, what you will have to do is travel to the wild west with the characters of Rush for Gold: California and in this way immerse yourself in a world of exciting adventures. You are expected to build your own city and help its citizens prosper. On your way to fame and fortune you will find wild animals, fierce bank robbers and natural disasters. If you do not fear a little hard work, this game will not disappoint and you will spend long hours enjoying it.

Rush for gold: California is available in mobile devices that have a Windows Phone 8.1 operating system or with later versions.

Download Rush for gold: California

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